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IFrame Query

Registered User
2023-04-23 09:15:20

I noticed that a page that was created on a previous version was not showing the iFrame content on my website. I had a look at it and the IFrame had the correct URL. In fact I copied it and pasted it n Safari and it displayed correctly. I decided to remove the iFrame and re-insert it with the same paste as before and I saved and posted it to my website. I now works perfectly. Was there an issue with this after the latest update. Using v5.0.1 pro.

Registered User
2023-04-23 09:26:58

Sorry folks. Seems I have a gremlin with Safari. When I tested the re-insert of the IFrame I tested it on preview and it worked. After posting it didn't work with Safari. Then then tried Google Chrome and all was well. The file was a php if that made a difference.

2023-04-24 07:47:47

Sometimes it's just the browsers cache. Especially with Safari. Be sure to press F5 or CTRl+F5 to be really sure it shows the latest version of your page.

Registered User
2023-04-25 20:11:39

I have managed to get the iFrame link query working again. I changed the http:// to https:// and all is fine in Safari now. With my minimum expertise I have no idea why this helped but at least I can now move on.

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