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Registered User
2023-05-13 16:05:29

I'm trying to make a window and "trans_add" is to transparent

any ideas?

2023-05-13 17:03:53

The image needs to be a png (portable network group image) with transparent alpha channel.

For Transparent, the alpha should be white - this is good for billboard items, glass, ghosts, items with holes in them.

For Transparent Additive, the alpha should be black - this is good for flares/lights/fires with transparent edges.

Something like Gimp will allow you to select/mask areas and either cut them out (erase) or adjust their transparency level or add gradient transparency for fades etc., then eport them as png (with alpha channel).

2023-05-15 07:30:16

Here's an example window I made form a free photo of a factory, in my game.

I used affinity photo (similar to Gimp/Photoshop) to create a transparent alpha channel (I clicked "transparent background option), then I used the marquee (rectangle) selection tool to cut the window glass in the photo and pasted it to a new layer (using "ctrl+C", then "ctrl+V". I set opacity slider (see-through level), for the new window-glass layer, to 60% for the glass and 0% opacity for the holes, then clicked "file>export>"png with alpha channel"...

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