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Aren't XML strings supported?
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2010-07-29 01:56:01

Looking through the source, it looks like createIrrXMLReader() takes in a char* as well, so the whole library should be able to operate on strings just as well as files.
I have this very simple XML file that contains this text:
<main number="1"/><A param1="1.5"/><param2="1.5"/>

and this is successfully parsed when I start with
 IrrXMLReader* xml = createIrrXMLReader("config.xml"); 

But if I have a
 char* XMLpacket[someLength] 
that contains this exact same information in ascii characters as the file, the parser no longer works if I use this:

IrrXMLReader* xml = createIrrXMLReader( XMLpacket );

Basically, the main parser loop ( while(xml && xml->read()) ) exits immediately.

I tried terminating the array with combinations of CR, LF, null, etc. with no results.

What am I missing?

Registered User
2010-07-29 12:17:14

irrXML expects XMLpacket to be a file. So it tries to open a file named like the content of your xml file.

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