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Body Harvest 64 like game, please review my game.

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Its just a simple test, based on Body Harvest 64, precursor to GTA.

Give me your opinions on my plants and foliage, also I tried a nice trick with "transparent alpha", I put some ground mesh layers a little higher, I made flowers that way, they look like are floating, that trick is based on some old N64 and sprite stacking, but this have problem according to camera angle, if you lower the camera, the textures disappear, and because of that the camera is a little high.

I intend to share these assets that im making, like vehicles, buildings, plants, etc.

Screenshot :

Download link :

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It's a good start! I liked the reflex of the car and the colors!

You can add a better behavior for the control the car, try "Sm car behavior", is very more realistic!

I will share with you this behavior for the car, just open the ccb file and automatic the script will belong your Coppercube program!

Look my games on itchio, I made all of them with Coppercube engine, I made games like race cars, airplanes, GTA style and so far!

All of my games I made without code programming!

Registered User

I already said that I tested other behaviors and didn't like them. I like simple things, the default CC behavior plus a few modifications would be enough, I think it's hardcoded and you can't access it, let's see if someone who understands programming can modify it.

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