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Issue linking Irrklang with project

Jeremy H
2023-11-11 10:53:50

I'm running g++ 11.2 and have had no luck getting any version of Irrklang to link with my project. They all return undefined reference. My cmake is as follows:

I remember Irrklang working well with the compiler that came with Code::Blocks, but that was also gcc so I'm not certain why it stopped working with CLion.

Here is my cmake file:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.23)


add_executable(Echoes_of_the_Past main.cpp Includes.h PlaySoundFMOD.cpp Defines.h)

message("Compiler Version: ${CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER_VERSION}")

target_link_libraries(Echoes_of_the_Past F:/Combustible/cmake-build-debug/libCombustible.a mingw32 opengl32 glu32 gdi32
F:/Combustible/Dependencies/Libraries/DevIL.lib F:/Combustible/Dependencies/Libraries/ILU.lib F:/Combustible/Dependencies/Libraries/ILUT.lib

All other libraries have no issue linking, just irrklang. The file path is 100% correct too as the cmake would spit out an error if it detected a non-legal file path. So, is there anything I can do or is Irrklang just not compatible?

Registered User
2023-12-07 02:16:53

I too am having issues linking IrrKlang with gcc 13.1.0 / minGW-w64. I have attempted to link the 32-bit versions of the 1.4.0b and 1.5 IrrKlang downloads, but Code::Blocks reports an undefined reference issue. Is there a difference between linking the .lib file with mingw32 versus minGW-w64? I am looking for a solution.

Registered User
2023-12-10 04:00:06

I solved the issue by downloading a 32-bit version of mingw32 from There are many different distributions of the compiler.

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