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Has anyone attempted a character builder

Registered User
2023-11-18 14:34:46

Has anyone dabbled in a character customizer like in skyrim? It just one of those random thoughts that pop into your head. I guess there's always texture swapping.

2023-11-18 14:58:51

I already thought about creating some sort of generic or empty character rig with lots of most useful animations for all kinds of game scenarios at hand plus changeable body parts to be parented at the generic rig's bone joints automatically loaded & attached by some custom plugin.

I think I had also made some basic testing of that idea before with some simple cubes parented to a transparent textured default character a longer time ago and performance wasn't bad as I remember.

Registered User
2023-11-18 19:16:42

I also tried that. Had couple issues:
1. All body parts a separate objects with that approach. So it looks sort of "retro";
2. You're limited in terms of how you can change character's propotion. For example, you can make arms or legs thicker, but you cannot change their length, since that breaks the animation.
3. There is no way to hide/unhide model layers\- so if you're planning to change clothes you have to swap all model parts.

If think there is something else, but I cannot remember atm.

I'd say if you're going for it, make a pack of heads, and then couple of bodies with different clothes. Than make multiple textures for each head/body model. You can match different heads with different bodies, and also apply variable textures to them. That way you will get a decent amount of different character options with less efforts.

Yeah, you can also use a shader to change skin/cloths tone - which adds a bit more variety.

Another way would be adding some accessories, like hats or different hairstyles for example, which can also be parented to body/head model.

2023-11-20 22:59:09

You cant get as in depth but you can do it.

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