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Blender Animation

Registered User
2023-11-26 16:51:26

I read many of you use Blender..
what i need is simple animation but nothing seems to be working at least not working with Coppercube.
(i used latest Blender also version 2.66) but no animation working in Coppercube.

Maybe somebody who knows how to make it work can make video tutorial how to make simple animation and export it as FBX.. and use with Coppercube
"Simple Cube to move in straight path"

(youtube is full of these tutorials but it doesnt work with coppercube for me)

2023-11-26 17:31:01

FBX animation in Coppercube only work for bone based (armature based) animations. So if you are doing simple key based animation where you move roate or scale a model, and then export it as an FBX file then it won't work there.

There are other formats like .x where you can use non- armature based animations as well.

I am right now using blender 3.5 and FBX export works fine for me, never had any issues with it.

If you are already using bone-based animation and still the fbx export is not working for you then let me know, I will create a proper video on how to export models from blender to coppercube.

Registered User
2023-11-26 18:42:41

Thanks - got it to work now.

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