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2023-12-04 18:36:41

Good Day.

For building webGL Scenes.

What is the recommended polygon count for a single animated character?

Are there any other recommendations?

For example, what would the best texture size be?

Registered User
2023-12-07 19:10:09

Well, at least to me, the simple games work well in webgl, I think you can make your game in webgl with no problems, just be carefull with bigger textures, big county poligon and much complex projects.

Tip: Do your project normal, like for windows target, but you need to try sometimes in webgl just for see if everything is working ok in webgl and if something going wrong in the test, like a texture problem or other thing, you can just adjust, for example using a different texture or a smaller poligon count.

Just do the way you want and test in webgl each new add in the project, this way you can adjust the game to work.

I know thats webgl target have some limitations, you can look in the documentation and can find some more information in some posts in the forum.

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