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3rd Person Controller only pans

Registered User
2024-02-03 19:45:33

My character does not follow the mouse to change heading the camera just pans around the scene. I've checked every setting and seems to be setup right. Any ideas what would cause this malfunction? Thank you.
I get this error
could not get property; provided scene node is invalid

2024-02-06 18:56:11

There are custom third person camera controllers available in the community that you can download that makes the character to rotate in the camera direction. Try using @Saman Mhmdy's TPP camera controller or the one from @Sam.

Registered User
2024-02-07 00:01:24

I am using @Samans' controller. Sorry, I sholud've mentioned that. It's strange because it always worked before. The exact same ccb. The model itself goes in the right direction but does not turn to face that direction.
Maybe I changed something but I don't think soi.
So I'm wondering if there's some setting I'm just not thinking of.
Thanks !

Registered User
2024-02-07 20:30:14

It must be a Windows 11 problem because I found another ccb with the same Saman controller and it does the same thing
So unless CopperCube get's a compatibility update it's a lost cause. As much as anyone I do wish CC would be modernized.

2024-02-10 07:38:58

Or maybe you just opened the sample ccb file that comes with the controller directly, instead of copy-pasting the extension to your Coppercube directory.

The sample file that comes with the @Saman's TPP extension does not use the latest updated version of the behavior that's why, it might not work as expected and can break the functionality if you directly run it, without actually copying the extension first.

I would suggest you remove the extension from your Coppercube extensions directory manually and then install the extension again by copying the .JS file that comes in the archive.

I am also going to update the original thread of the Saman Behavior so that when people downloads it, they don't get into such issue.

Hope this will fix your issue, i don't think it is related to windows at all.

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