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Some Help Pls

Registered User
2024-02-04 13:04:51

Hello folks!
I need your help. When setting objects, there is a way to make the whole thing slower. For me, the mouse always reacts too quickly, so maybe you can use a button to make the movement a little softer.

Thank you
Greetings from Germany


Translate with Google..

2024-02-06 18:54:43

do you mean the speed of the cursor or the speed of camera rotation?

if you are talking about a cursor, if you have a gaming mouse then there are probably mouse DPI buttons, which can increase or decrease the mouse speed for your PC. If there is no hardware button on your mouse to change the sensitivity then you can also manually change the sensitivity by going in your mouse settings.

If you are talking about the camera rotation then you can change it in the FPS camera behavior, or maybe in the next version there will be a special variable or API command that you can use to change the mouse sensitivity during runtime if you are using custom camera extension then chances are high there will be an option to change the camera sensitivity in the extension properties there.

Registered User
2024-02-07 21:49:59

Thx just in Case.
I was talking about mouse speed while setting models in the editor. Speed is to high for setting Model Precise.
I will test it with system mouse speed.

Hopefully cc will have in the future more Option like that or setting models with mousebutton hold (Grab and Set with mouse),



2024-02-10 07:34:42

@oldman1970, I am not sure if decreasing mouse speed will help you out in aligning or precisely moving the models with in the editor, I would suggest you use Custom plugins that allow you to move the model with the desired speed in the editor, there are many available out there lying deep into the forums, there was also one from my side but there have been better plugins than mine as well.

You can also very easily create your plugin if you know scripting.

Registered User
2024-02-10 12:57:22

to bad i can not scripting

i will search the Forum


Search for Mouse Speed -no Luck

pls someone can help what terms i have to use?

good idea is sticky threads with usefull website and stuff!


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