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CopperCube 2 released

2010-09-08 09:53:38

Since a few minutes, CopperCube 2 is now available for download. It is a new release of the software, so if you already own a copy of CopperCube 1, you need to upgrade. Fortunately, there is a 60% discount for exisisting CopperCube owners (details on the buy-now page).

Download here:


New features in CopperCube 2:

- Added undo and redo to the editor

- Summary of added new Behaviors:
- 'Game Actor with Health' - simple way to add artifical intelligence behavior for ingame characters and enemies. Detailed description in the Documentation under 'Behaviors'.
- 'Every few seconds do something' - a timer behavior
- 'When a key is pressed do something' - behavior to react to key and mouse events

- Summary of added new Actions:
- 'Shoot' - an action to shoot a weapon. Can optionally use a scene node to draw a moving bullet (Billboards are quite useful for this). Can be used for example in the action of a keypress behavior, or in the 'attack' action slot of a 'Game Actor with Health' to make AI actors attack others.
- 'Quit Application' - ends the application (for Windows and MacOSX target)
- 'Change Overlay Text' - changes the text of a 2D Overlay

- The new 'Game Actor with Health' Behavior makes it possible to create controlled ingame actors, like Monsters, Soldiers etc, walking around in the environment. The Game Actor can patrol a certain area and attack specific targets. It has an amount of health and the will die' when the health has reached 0, which can be achieved for example using the new 'shoot' action. This is quite useful for prototyping games.

- 2D Overlays and Buttons now also work with the WebGL target

- Added the possibility to use folders in the scene graph, in order to organize the scene a bit. Folders can also be used as 'layers': it is possible to toggle the visibility of their content.

- The model viewer camera can now move when the mouse button is clicked. This is enabled by default now, but can be made to behave like in previous CopperCube versions by selecting the 'lookOnlyWhenMouseDown' checkbox in the behavior.

- The Flash Target is now able to use the fullscreen mode. (When your running SWF, right-click and choose 'Fullscreen mode')

- Exporting irrlicht scenes now also works if the trial of CopperCube is expired.

- Updated to the latest WebGL specification (via CopperLicht)

- Added a context menu to the scene graph explorer

- Added a 'remove unused textures' command to the texture manager.

- The panorama editor now also works in some versions of Mac OS X where the 3D editing window didn't show up correctly before.

- There is now an option which disables importing meshes to be translated to a position in front of the camera after import.

- Extended documentation with a description of all available behaviors.

- Fixed a bug causing the bounding box of animated/skinned meshes not to be calculated correctly.

- Lots of other small enhancements here and there.

- Fixed several minor bugs

Registered User
2010-09-08 15:48:05

Awesome!! Thank you Niko. These are really great additions. Keep up the excellent work!

Registered User
2010-09-08 19:59:27

Nice release, but for version 2 i had expected more things on the graphics side like shadows and particles.
Maybe in 2.x ?

2010-09-08 20:16:37

it' always!!!

2010-09-08 21:40:40

hum... i suppos the graphic enhancement will be for next's important to work step by step.

2010-09-09 09:21:41

@magic: I also originally planned particles, but to my surprise not many people seemed to care about them really. Doesn't seem to be that important, but of course, they are still on the list.

2010-09-09 10:29:12

Maybe because the most Coppercube users are webdevelopers and not using advanced graphic features. But i am using it only with windows.exe and would like more graphics features. Hey, it`s on the list and that`s ok.

Sorry, not logged in. It`s magic

2010-09-09 11:54:04

thanks magic, please investigate the possibility to use the latest graphic features and use the video card capabilities (for nvidia and ATi) those companies continuously adding awesome hardware features and its a waste if the developers did not explore to use it. we can always go back to lower the graphic detials but using hardware accelearation is a PLUS and its the FUTURE otherwise, we didn't go further in life.
All the best and I truly plan to buy Copercube once it goes more in the gprahic side (I already love the no coding side.. it saved a hell of work to understand and to focus in the creation tools with added storyline behind it)

2010-09-10 04:58:12

I'm thrilled with an update, but VERY dissapointed in the delivery. There was NO warning that this would be a major version upgrade, jumping from 1.4.1 to 2.0 then after releasing it stating "oh, by the way" this is a major version update so everyone who just purchased this will have to upgrade and pay another 40% of your costs, doesn't matter that you just bought it a month or so ago, Gee... sorry. Frankly, I'm very surprised at this action. I don't argue the worth of the product, nor the hard work that goes into it, but if you think this is the way to present this to loyal customers who paid for and have endorsed and talked up your product - very bad decision, and one your customers won't forget.

2010-09-10 07:06:33

I'm sorry you didn't expect any major update of the software, but this is the standard way the software industry works. There were a lot of free updates for CopperCube, and for version 1, there where 17 (!) free updates. Thats about 17 more updates then you would get for most other software. Anyway, from time to time, also CopperCube needs a major update, and existing users get a very reduced price for updating as well. A 60% discount again is much more than usual. To keep the software development alive, this is absolutely necessary. So sorry you are a bit upset about this, but I tried to do this in the less ugly way possible. What I could do in the future better is probably announcing major releases beforehand, so that you won't get surprised by this.

You also sent me this per mail, so I'll let's continue answering this per mail then.

Registered User
2010-10-03 23:07:01

Any chance CopperCube would get support for custom plugins in same way than irrEdit has?

And also provide a way to match the material settings in Irrlicht which are a lot richer than the web-focused selection of CopperCube/Copperlicht?

2010-10-04 17:19:53

It's planned, but could still take a bit. Materials: Also planned, but should be in earlier. Also, for WebGL, you can create your own materials already.

2021-07-21 04:25:47

Wow I'm here in 2021

Registered User
2021-07-24 09:37:59

Time is amazing thing :(

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