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game engine resolution

Registered User
2024-02-12 13:28:28

hey my resolution of the game engine is kinda fu ed and sized down like my object and texture tab r ok but the engine window where u see the objects is sized down and wont get bigger or smaller its stuck at 785 to 588 and when i try to resize the window it stays the same and leaves like a picture of the other tabs on the main frame idk how to explain it and idk how to use the image thingi from the forum to put in a picture please help

Registered User
2024-02-12 13:36:49

what are youself running it on am it windows can youself change renderer to opengl or something me dunno lol

2024-02-13 12:21:11

It sounds like it could be your Windows "DPI scaling" setting. If scaling is not set to 100%, windows will change how software GUI is displayed. You can change DPI scaling globally (all software is affected) - or individually (ie: affects coppercube only), using the compatibility setting in "create a shortcut" option and disabling (ignoring) DPI scaling.

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