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Low skybox resolution when exporting to webgl

Registered User
2024-02-21 23:30:27

Hello! When I export a scene to webgl, the skybox (whatever it is), once exported, is low resolution, grainy. How is it possible?

2024-02-22 02:49:53

Make sure that in your WebGL publishing settings you don't compression enabled for your files. Turn off the toggle for "Create smaller compressed files", it generally compresses the texture and the quality might get reduced a bit.
Also you can manually put the high-resolution textures in the copperlichtdata folder, if you want.
However high-resolution textures might increase the loading time for your WebGL game.

Registered User
2024-02-27 13:26:33

Sorry for delay.

well..I've checked, the export isn't compressed. I'll try to figure out why it's lowering the resolution only of the skybox textures

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