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Question please

2024-02-26 04:01:22

Is there anyway possible to give the already provided copper cube prefabs new animations and detectors them differently?? Like the “man” prefab is there anyway to export him and put him in blender or something to give him new animations and different look???

2024-02-26 07:37:11

You can rig him and apply new animations and you can edit the textures in any image software. Here's the method I use for animating models for coppercube. There are several other different methods and software available...

Rigging and animating 3D models with, for use with Coppercube Game Engine.

--Software used in this tutorial----
Mixamo (free web service)
Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro (Paid $60) - you can also use Blender as a free alternative
XNviewMP (free app)
Coppercube (free)

---Downloading a suitable static 3D Model---
Some poular sites for free 3D models are: (ripped Game models) (customizable 3D avatars in .glb format) (ripped Game models and fan-made content) (Pro/Amateur user uploaded models) (ripped models from various games and sites).

---Common File Formats and Archives---
There are manyusable formats. Some popular formats you will encounter are:
wavefront.obj (contains model with separate textures and material.mtl file).
filmbox.fbx (contains model with embedded or separate textures).
collada.dae (contains model with separate textures).
direct.x (Contains model with embedded or separate textures).
kronosGLTF.glb (contains model with embedded textures and lighting).
stereolithography.stl (contains untextured model, may contain vertex colours - can be manually 3D-painted or textured).
microsoft.3mf (contains model and embedded textures, will need converting or use a plugin to be able to import to blender).
*Note- some file formats are also archived for easier management/distribution (zip, RAR, 7z, TAR, etc) you can extract them all using PeaZip (free).

---Prepare the model and textures (recommended method, creates all material slots properly in Coppercube)---
1. Unzip/Open the model archive/folder and "convert" any texture files from "" to "texture.png" using XNviewMP.
2. Import your obj/fbx model to UltimateUnwrap3DPro (u3d).
3. Expand the Materials Tab and double-click each material to add the converted bitmaps/textures to the diffuse maps.
4. Ensure all the textures look correct before exporting- you can just use "diffuse textures, you don't need additional normal/specular!
5. File>Save As "obj (.obj)" with default options (overwrite original, if asked).
6. Place the exported model.obj, all the texture.png's (and the material.mtl file!) in the root folder of a new zip folder ready to upload to
*It's not enough to just drop a model and some image files into a folder and expect it to work, you need the mtl material file which tells mixamo how to apply the textures to the model.

---Rigging and Animating the Model---
7- Drag and Drop the new folder into mixamo"upload" box (or navigate to the file to upload manually ifyou prefer).
8- Drag the markers to "Autorig" the model in mixamo and select "2-Chain Fingers" (Model will automatically be rigged, skinned and texture-mapped!).
9- Search for the "T-Pose" animation in mixamo.
10- Export the T-Pose animation as "default .fbx (with skin!)"
11- Search for any other animations you want and individually save them all "without skin!", using the same rigged model from step 4.

---Applying all the animations to the Rigged Model---
12- In UltimateUnwrap3D (U3d), File>Open the "T-pose" model. Click "Convert Materials to Groups"
13- File>Import (multiple select) all the individually downloaded animations (in U3d).
14- Save a backup now called Model.u3d (you can use this to add more animations to the model later on).
15- Save As>Animated_Character.fbx (make sure you check the "Embed Textures" option!).

---Importing and texturing in Coppercube---
16- In coppercube, Import>ANimate3Dobject>Animated_Character.fbx
17- If the model is not automatically textured, go to coppercube>irrlicht settings (enabled in the Coppercube view settings), manually add the va

2024-02-26 21:45:15

What VP meant to say is no you can't export animated meshes from CC. They are considered different than regular meshes for engine purposes. Be sure to keep a spare copy of your model around if you need to make any changes later and reimport.

2024-02-26 23:06:42

Yeah I already know how to get my own models in but as .fbx they keep coming in with only 1 texture slot. And there’s supposed to be two. One for the head and one for the body but I’m only getting on slot in and only one texture so either the characters head ends up looking good and the body jacked up or the body looks good and the heads jacked up!! I can’t figure this out to save my life!! Help plz

2024-02-27 00:35:21

Refer to this video tutorial: This question has been answered a thousand times in this forum. Try using the forum's search feature next time.

2024-02-27 05:42:45

@guest, thanks for referring to my video, However, I would like to add something, that in that video, I missed a bit of info. If your texture quality gets messed up, then make sure to rename all your UVs (Texture) in the blender to the same name, and then if you merge your model, the texture quality will remain the same, otherwise, the textures might be blurry or totally messed up.

2024-02-27 12:52:15

I’ve seen that video before , thing is for some reason idk I may be missing something but I do not have that option under my view tab that the person is talking about in that video. The “show edit/ whatever properties “ I don’t have that why? I am on 6.6

2024-02-27 16:01:32

Go to Tools > Options and turn on the show irrEdit/irrLicht properties option. You might have to restart the app before you see them under the View tab.

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