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spider gravity

Registered User
2024-02-26 09:44:24

How can I make it so that the player can walk on walls, ceilings, and in general any surfaces of models? like a spider or beetle

2024-02-27 05:49:00

Try using sticky surface extensions either by @sven or by @Saman, or if you want you can have on proximity or line picking to pickup the surface beneath the spider, and then just make the spider a children of that surface. That is to when you want to make the spider move along with platforms and walls and other stuff.

For the gravity thing, it is most likely to have per object gravity in the next version of CopperCube, so that you can control the gravity of your spider or beetle node when it is on wall, ceiling and at any other surface without affecting the gravity of the the rest of the scene.

right now you can either turn off the gravity of the whole scene, or can apply same amount of force or velocity in the opposite direction of gravity to the spider so that it can remain in air, or on the wall. The value can be different depending on the strength of the gravity in your current scene.

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