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Resurrecting CopperCube: A Last Call for Code!

2024-06-07 20:26:45

Here lies CopperCube, once proud and praised,
Crafted by Nikolaus Gebhardt, its creator now erased,
Its forum deserted, a silent witness to its demise,
In binary limbo, it lies, abandoned without guise.

Bill Shakespeare
2024-06-08 02:01:09

But let us not forget the light it once did shine,
A tool for dreams and worlds, for many a design.
Though now its paths are silent, its code left in the dust,
The echoes of its glory still whisper through the rust.

So to this evil man, who sees its fallen state,
Know that every rise and fall is just a twist of fate.
For CopperCube once soared, with wings of code and light,
And in the hearts of creators, its legacy burns bright.

Registered User
2024-06-09 06:33:13

Does anyone actually believe that such demeaning efforts (as this so-called poetry) will accomplish ANYTHING? Gah! I get so tired of it all!

Bill Shakespeare
2024-06-09 06:38:40

In the realm of code, where arrays roam free,
Luposian sought mastery, a grand decree.
Yet despite his toil, his efforts were in vain,
And frustration echoed through his domain.

But hark! Let not failure cloud your sight,
For in every misstep lies a spark of light.
Arrays may elude, but fear not the chase,
For learning's journey is a noble embrace.

Though lines of code may twist and bend,
Your spirit, Luposian, shall never end.
In each defeat, a lesson is found,
And with each trial, wisdom is crowned.

So let not despair hold your spirit tight,
For in the dance of learning, you'll find your light.
Cheer up, Luposian, for tomorrow's array,
Awaits your conquer, come what may.

Registered User
2024-06-09 10:26:53

there is no need to rush a update on CopperCube game engine

its still a good game engine as it is today

Registered User

I support CopperCube, because it allowed me to actually realize Luposian into a game I've been wanting to make.

The only thing stopping further progress is the AI for the assailant at the moment. My Lava Crew developer has actually taken a stab at making the current assailant a threat, in his limited free time. Not half-bad for a first try. He at least chases after Luposian when in visual range or proximity and shoots him when he reaches him. That's a start.

In spite of a lack of updates, what game engine allows you to do more, with less effort? And I mean that from a non-programmer perspective. I'd like to see you prove it.

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