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2011-05-22 23:30:50

I've been looking into creating a turn based 3d game based on the Necromunda board game for a while now.. and I thought the newer technologies of webGL would be a perfect fit for this project, as well as compliment my skills in the area of Javascrip and the web.

Because of this I've been looking into a few frameworks/ engines for webGL: The best ones seem to be Three.js, GLGE, & Copperlicht.

The fact that I can use Coppercube to design a scene, place cameras and animators etc, is a HUGE advantage but it seems to be missing some features that the other engines include.. Or maybe there's another way to do them? .. I'll go through them

- Copperlicht is missing the ability to alter the width & height of the Canvas viewport at runtime- It has getHeight/Width, but no set options - Trying to force it using Camera's FOV, or simply altering the canvas using CSS does not give the desired effect.

- Out of the three engines, Copperlicht is the only one that doesn't directly allow you to draw lines in 3D by specifiying start and end points - I believe this to be crucial for both production work, and debugging purposes.

- CopperCube editor doesn't export Collida models with associated textures :(

- CopperLicht seems to lack support to import BSP files directly without Coppercube intervention -- So it's not possible for me to allow players of my game to play custom levels they have written and placed into a certain directory - as all BSP maps would have to be imported into Coppercube and compiled into your proprietary binary file to be used.

- It would be great if, when importing these BSp files, that Shaders, etc were also imported and used - Just like this demo:

- Documentation is as good as the GLGE docs, and much better than Three.js - However, I believe that each item should include one or more examples of how to use - jQuery does this, and it's one of the main reasons it's because the defacto standard of javascript frameworks

- I'm actually using jQuery alongside CopperLicht to allow me to write shorthand javascript, and eventually to render the games interface, and the two work very well together.

2011-05-23 21:15:39

Thanks for the detailed feedback, most will probably improved with a future update.
About collada import: Should work, but if you have a model where it doesn't it would be nice if you could send it to me so I can improve the editor.
3D Models can usually only be imported using the editor, but if you want to batch-process this: In the latest version, the editor can be called by command line to create .ccbjs files.

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