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inherit parent transformations

Registered User
2011-06-11 14:48:35

Hi Experts,

I have problem because when I change size of some element (using .Scale parameter) it also changes size and positions for all childs. I only want to change scale for this very one node.

Is it possible to specify which transformations will be inherited from parent scene node or something like this?

Registered User
2011-06-11 18:00:31

Transformations usually don't work like that, but you can do this: Create a new node as parent for both. You can change its movement and rotation then, and set the scale of the formally used node then individually.

Registered User
2011-06-11 21:08:38

As I guess there is one transformed matrix for each object (sceneNode), but in native WebGL we can simply call pushMatrix before Scale => then to scale matrix => draw model => call popMatrix and then draw the childrens. I think it would be very useful to be able to specify which transformations are "private" (only for current node) and which are "public" (inherited by childrens).

What do you think about this idea?

2011-06-13 20:03:07

Yes, but in a scene graph, it doesn't work like that, unfortunately. Currently this won't work, but it could be an option for a future feature.

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