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2 newb questions: lighting and unwanted "canvas-stretching"

Registered User
2011-07-16 14:24:17

Hi there,

discovered Copperlicht yesterday when evaluating whether to use SpiderGL, SceneJS or some other engine for my project.

Overall, Copperlicht has offered the best performance in their demos and the most advanced APIs for game-like functionalities. It's a top-notch engine, not surprising as this is coming from the the irrLicht folks (or guy :)

However, lighting... it's needed. At least the 2 simple primitive variants that SceneJS demoes: point lighting and direction lighting. I've scanned this forum and ever since your first release 1.5 years ago lighting has been requested by a number of users...

So 1st question: you guys are top-notch hardcore graphics coders... Copper is an API on top of WebGL, just like SceneJS -- what do you suppose are the chances you guys could peek at their open source samples starting from the following 2 demos and transform the basics into Copper?

Directional light:

Point light:

2nd question: I have a Canvas that is always 100% equal to browser view-port / document width and height. Have only implemented tutorial 3 so far, as I'm such a Copper n00b. However as I resize the browser window, both the billboard and mesh get stretched to always fit the view port in the same proportions. How can I turn this off? Tried "MayZoom" but this didn't make a difference (and in the end this is about projection, not "zooming" right?) So a viewport-resize should *clip* the projected scenery, not stretch it!

Thanks a lot and awesome project.

2011-07-16 15:44:17

Nice that you like it. :)
Already working on lighting implementation, not sure when it will be ready exactly, but it will be at least with the next update :)

About the aspect ratio: The camera has a 'Field of View' setting and an 'Aspect Ratio'. Usually, it is enough to set the aspect ratio to
(yourcanvas.width / yourcanvas.height), but you might want to adjust it to the way you need it.

Registered User
2011-07-16 16:45:16

Awwwwesome, aspect ratio of course was what I needed! Perfect.

Can't wait to get *at-leeeeast* directional lighting... it's all I need for now.

Thanks for the awesome pioneering work on supporting WebGL. (I think it's here to stay and won't go away anymore, and will most likely phase out Flash engines slowly but surely... no matter what MS does in their legacy browser ;)

Registered User
2011-07-16 16:55:22

Sorry next question... in my full-browser-window-sized canvas the triangle is highly pixelated. Not the textures, the faces /edges themselves -- looks like some old-school 320x240 game stretched to full screen... how can I set my "new screen resolution" of the canvas / renderer in my onwindowresize (and ) code?

Registered User
2011-07-16 18:28:41

Resolved, pure canvas issue.

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