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Registered User
2012-03-04 00:04:22

I have one little problem.

I made a lot of simile pages with a navigation menu on top, some text below on left and an HTML box on the right.

I used the "Company Bright" template to start.

In the browser, resizing orizzontaly the page all the grafic stay aligned on the center such as expected.

BUT in only a few case, every element on the pages decides arbitrary to stay aligned on the center or on the RIGHT

I'd like to post a screenshot but for now I can put this link:

I tried to copy and paste the elements from a correct page to the page with the error but no way...

Can you help me?

As last thing I'll delete the page, i'll make a new one based on a page without the problem and I think i will solve the issue.
But I'd like to know where is the problem if it'll happen again.

Thank you

2012-03-04 08:27:02

Hm, that's difficult to say what happens there. It would be easier to find out if you could send me the .wspd file (see Support -> Contact, there is an email adress there). I then have a look at the file.

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