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Delete page
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Registered User
2012-03-04 11:26:38

I'm having problems deleting pages...

With multiple pages opened in the tabs, a page selected on the left and there trying to delete (with right click) another pages.
In one case It seems that the pages deleted wan not the right-clicked.
I made an Undo, save all, quit.

Now it seems all normal.

Perhaps I made a mistake, perhaps it's a strange behavior of WP...
Sorry I can't provide more info...

Do you know some issue?

Just for reporting..

2012-03-05 19:46:54

Hm, no, but thanks for reporting. Having a look at that.

2012-03-19 08:23:02

I don't understand the question.

It helps when deleting to make sure that no only have you selected the page (i.e. it is highlighted) but that website painter is sure of that. It helps to move away and back again to the page you want to delete.

Keep an eye on pages as you delete them to make sure that the page you want deleted is the right one, and it should work fine.

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