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Bullet text and a few other requests
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Registered User
2012-04-01 06:34:39


* Is there a way to create bullet text?
* That would be helpful.
* See what I mean.

I have to move over to the OSX version of WebsitePainter - I just can't be sure how the fonts are going to change when I publish a page. I'll have to buy the Mac version - would be nice if the same key worked for either platform. I tried to open up a page made in Website Painter in another OSX editor to make some changes and ...

... ouch.

In the distant future a shortcut to add Vimeo videos as well as the YouTube tool would be great.

2012-04-01 19:44:16

You can create Bullet lists using the 'Insert Text Symbol' menu. Right-click into the text, select 'Insert Text Symbol' and then 'Bullet'.

When you open .wspd files in the Mac OS X version of WebsitePainter should look nearly the same. Even the font sizes should be nearly identical. Of course, there will be differences if you are using non-standard fonts. And you always have the problem that fonts are displayed not 100% exactly across different browsers, but that problem have all websites on the whole web, no matter with what tool they have been created.

Thx for the vimeo suggestion!

Registered User
2012-04-13 06:35:30

Yes you can paste in a bullet on each line but you know what I mean - the HTML list tag:

I have lots of bullet text to compose.

Just a way to paste some HTML formatted text into a text box would be cool.

When you open .wspd files in the Mac OS X version of WebsitePainter should look nearly the same.

Well that's the thing. I have to work on a OSX machine, but I have WebsitePainter on a PC. When I open the HTML that WebsitePainter makes in Dreamweaver it explodes into a thousand glittering stars! (Actually black rectangles). DW doesn't like it. So I better have it on both in case I need a touch up.

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