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Is Copperlicht for me?

Registered User
2012-04-30 18:44:02

I would like to use 3D models in a web page. The required functionality is:

- Import dxf file which defines a room and displays a 3D model
- Return room dimensions to web page's javascript
- Add/move prebuilt furniture objects
- Return object positions/dimensions to javascript

This looks possible to me from looking at the features. Can an expert confirm that this is possible (or not) using Copperlicht.

Many Thanks

2012-05-01 06:07:12


CopperLicht can do everything you write, but importing dxf files is only supported by the Editor. You can import those file into the editor and it will create data and code for your websites from that. If you want to import a .dxf file directly on your websited using only JavaScript, you would have to implement this yourself, by extending CopperLicht.

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