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Strange position reset

Registered User
2012-06-11 23:38:54


I have a WebGL project in which the users navigates through an indoor scenery. Some times when moving through the scene the camera collides with the walls, and when moving after the collision, the position of the camera resets to the position of the collision. It happens several times, until it just vanishes.

Has anyone faced a similar behavior? Is there any solution/workaround?

Thanks for your help

2012-06-13 06:33:24

This is what most people on this forum call 'getting stuck'. It usually happens if you have an object you collide against which isn't well formed. Usually, it is a good idea to let the user only collide against very simple objects, simply disable to collision of decoration objects. From the documentation:

Sometimes, it is possible to get stuck in the geometry when moving using this behavior. Always place the 3D object at a position so that the yellow ellipsoid isn't colliding with a wall in the beginning, so that it is not stuck. If the 3d object gets stuck during movement, then the problem might be the 3d mesh of the world: One needs to be a bit careful when modelling the static geometry the 3d object collides against. The geometry should be closed, and there should not be any one sided polygons sticking out anywhere, those are usually the places where one gets stuck.
Also, if the points of vertices which should be together are not exactly at the same point could cause problems. If the used 3d modelling software supports a feature like 'Merge Points' to make neighbour vertices be exactly at the same place, it is recommended to do this, it also usually helps.

Registered User
2012-06-13 20:49:30

Thanks, I'll check my world model and see if that's the issue.

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