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CopperLicht 1.5 released

2012-06-28 10:55:39

There is a new update of CopperLicht: version 1.5. You can download it here:

Change list:

- Added support for vertex colors. You can colorize each part of each 3d geometry separately now. CL3D.Vertex3D has a member named 'Color', using this causes 3d models to be colorized.

- Dynamic lighting is now more physically correct. In fact, it is now exactly looking as in the fixed function pipeline of Direct3D and OpenGL

- Changed default rotation speed for the CameraModelViewer animator to be more useful.

- Fixed a bug causing stopping of sounds not to work

- Fixed a bug causing animations not to be played when setting a frame loop which exceeded the maximal existing frame amount.

- Full support for all CopperCube 3.1 features

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