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Quick question regarding loaders

2012-07-01 00:57:07

I have a quick question which I was hoping someone may be able to help answer. I am planning to write an exporter to an engineering 3D modeling application, so as to display them on the web. I would like to know if the engine has any loaders to load standard format files like obj, or would I have to create the scene myself in a way that the engine can understand. Is there any documentation that someone can point me to on how would I create my own geometry without going through the cube editor.

2012-07-01 22:05:27

Someone posted a .obj loader for CopperLicht into this forum, you could use that one. But copperLicht only imports the editor format .cbbjs, which was designed for faster model loading and smaller download size.
Creating own geometry: Take a look at tutorial 3:

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