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'R' - experimental digital fiction in WebGL

Registered User
2012-08-07 23:39:20

I've been using Coppercube to create a rather abstract 3D world version of a short story about a guy who has a surreal, recurring dream.

Using a silhouetted 3rd person prefab character combined with a very low, twitchy camera angle, the project tries to invoke a feeling of being trapped within a bizarre, dream-like, labyrinthine environment.

I decided to do this one in WebGL and get the project to talk to javascript and jQuery. I've used all sorts of technologies and techniques - from an SVG gradient overlay to media queries to resize the text if the browser's screen size is adjusted.

It runs at full screen (any resolution) and is best in Chrome. It's a kind of narrative 'collect em up' - with 9 pieces of broken up story to find.

[One problem I had with the 3D sound was that Firefox and Chrome support different audio formats - one .ogg, the other .mp3. So I couldn't specify both in Coppercube. You don't hear the 3D sounds in Firefox. Niko, I wondered if you had any ideas on this? Externally, I've used HTML5 audio (.mp3 with .ogg fallback) to give a universal mood track to the piece. Could Coppercube perhaps support two formats internally in the editor for WebGL publishing?]

I've had feedback that WebGL is hard to get to work on the Mac. So I also rendered out a Stage 3D version. But this only works in Chrome.

Anyway. Thanks in advance to anyone who checks this out. Hope you can get it to work - and enjoy it!

Best regards,


2012-08-08 07:55:53

It's great :)
The overlay text (the one with "The sink is full of cold W") is cut a bit on the left for me, I think because my browser isn't as big as yours, but apart from this, it's nice :) Looks like a lot of work!

About the audio:
I heard that mozilla is planning to support some more file formats soon, so I guess this problem will resolve itself then. The current state of HTML 5 audio is really ridiculous, so this will improve for sure.

2012-08-08 08:07:43

Update: blogged about it:

Registered User
2012-08-08 10:41:30


Another awesome Job, I kept getting stuck maybe bring the camera higher up. I'm not a expert just trying to help out.

Keep it up you are doing great.

Thank you again for sharing.

The Elk

Registered User
2012-08-08 12:22:02

Hi guys -

Niko thank you so much for the blog post - appreciated.

Yes, you're right about HTML5 audio, what a mess. One solution to triggering 2D sounds with fallback would be to make a javascript function that calls the HTML5 audio tag from within Coppercube. But a pain to have to do. :/

Thanks for all feedback - I will make some tweaks!

There will be a traditionally written short story that accompanies this work available on soon.

Best regards,


Registered User
2012-08-10 16:09:48

That is very nice !

Registered User
2017-09-16 21:34:43

Highlighting this as well - for inspiration!

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