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Coppercube wish list

Registered User
2012-09-19 16:10:06

I know there have been a lot of wish lists for CC features on the forum, but I thought I'd add mine for what it's worth.

1. Support for touch-enabled controls. Even just a few 2D overlay capability tweaks would solve this if they could move the active camera when clicked (until let go). An entire new universe would open up for mobile output!

2. Support for some kind of video file format to be able to be mapped onto textures - or even just onto billboard objects - with alpha transparency. This would revolutionize the realism achievable. Imagine a full-motion flame effect in a cave for instance, or an electrical orb rendered in after effects. *tongue hangs out*

3. An extra control method option for the active camera / player - click to pan around, but the resulting movement *includes easing* when you let go. This would be a really nice compromise between the two current options and would tie in well with 1. above (mobile touch).

4. The ability to output as SWC for inclusion in iOS apps. Android supports loading SWFs as assets, but Apple don't like this. Boo.

5. Publish via HTML5 Canvas (already mentioned lately). This would be fantastic and also open up even more (non-app-store dependent) mobile potential, although I've heard Canvas performance on most devices is pretty poor. (It can surely only get better though.)

6. The ability to fade objects in or out - and/or perhaps adjust their transparency.

Of course CC is indeed awesome as it stands, however if I could beg and grovel for some new features, it would be these!


2012-09-20 07:35:46

Thanks for the suggestions :) All - except for the one with the fading - have been already in the TODO database :)

Registered User
2012-10-14 22:38:46

CC3 Wishlist Item:

Animation Editor, The ability to select & copy multiple animation sequence data Name/Start/Stop/End/FPS to another animated mesh.

Potential Benefit: Combined with behaviour copy this simplify adding morphed variants as node "clones" that are using either the same animation or animation sequences that is identically organized. This feature can be superseded in future with the ability to swap node source mesh or better yet, vertex animation.

Registered User
2012-10-15 18:12:38

And another addition to CC3 features that may be cool, admittedly these are not so ex to implement:

Properties> Behaviour >Change Position of a Scene Node>Animate Move Animated
A - add a input box for user to apply a math function,( affect vector params)

B- Check box for Ignore Collision Physics, Un-checking would enable collision detection where vector may even follow nap of earth or avoid. collisions based on setting desired curve functions. The objective here is having a feature where nap of earth terrain following and "intelligent" avoidance by an animated node can easily be achieved,


More on curve functions...
CAM (CNC machining G-Code) works like this where parametric Curves are defined as G0-G3, Functions like this could be real handy in determining CC3 vector trajectories. Here is a nice article of how they are applied on a by illustrating along a French curve.

Registered User
2012-11-11 00:10:42

Wish list for CC3 room Editor

Would like to add the following enhancement for room editor inside the CC3

- Possibility to add a curved wall ( quarter curve )
- Possibility to add another floor
- Adding premade staircase / ramp compatible with the object to bind all floors together.
- Adding doors and windows

Registered User
2012-11-12 09:46:24

I add

- For the exe PC export : to change the Publish Settings in-game. At least be able to change dynamically the screen resolution. In a game, the player must be able to change some options...

- For the First Person Shooter style controlled : fix the bug of the mouse for the Flash version : move the eyes only when the mouse moves (like the Windows version)

Registered User
2012-11-19 18:51:32

Some more low hanging fruit for the CC3 interface:

Big advantage can be had by adding "AND" criteria for the special function behavior "If a variable =,<> ,>,<. "

I find it very difficult to configure creative game logic with out this ability to JOIN the results of events. This would allow for triggering and creating flip/flop sequences.

A RANDOM number binary or decimal variable would be awesome.

Ability to load a VARIABLE VALUE into resources and key property values such as XYZ POSITION Fields, SOUND file name, Texture File Name.

Ability to cross reference variable values by external CSV for LOOK UP table to (use with new AND Criteria if IF Variable arguments.) . This feature would allow for new scenes (levels) to be easily loaded based on referencing alternate values via this external csv table. The random generator could be app[lied in the sequence for random level or event generation.

2012-11-28 20:05:36

Hi all,
when will be bump mapping / normal maps and HDR?

Registered User
2012-12-03 19:29:30


What about publishing to swf with 'network-only' enabled?

(Without this option your beautiful engine is useless for my project...)


Registered User
2012-12-20 21:08:25

I wish if we can use the Function Key ( F1, F2 ... F12 ) for sepcial purposes inside the coppercube project

Wish if we can use as well the ESC to return back to main menu for example.

Registered User
2012-12-23 21:47:00

" Fade Effect "
An option to apply when changing from a scene to another

Registered User
2013-01-04 20:27:24

SceneGraph Explorer - Wish INSERT node performed the insert relative to the selected node hierarchy in the SceneGraph Explorer, rather than appending to end of scene graph.

Similar UI improvement, I think EXPORT Prefab should just affect the SELECTED node in the SceneGraph explorer, rather than whole game. Selecting "scene node" should select entire Scene. Saving As preset (CCP) filetype should export whole game.

Registered User
2013-01-18 09:44:58

Zoom to scrolling!

Registered User
2013-01-18 09:48:49

Zoom to scrolling!

Registered User
2013-01-24 15:43:22

Terrain editing and support for large terrains/worlds. Support for voxel terrain editing (hey, I can dream, can't I).

Bloom, motion blur, vignette, DOF, wind and storm effects

Shader support - especially for gorgeous water. Bump map, normal map and other shader mapping options.

A script editor so we can script stuff if we choose to (in a simple basic-like language).

Cut scene editor with transition effects.

With most of the above, Coppercube would become quite a force in the AAA engine group. Especially with it's ease of use.

This list alone should keep you busy till Coppercube 10 (just kidding).


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