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Coppercube wish list

2013-02-01 16:46:45

The lightmap engine i mean...

Registered User
2013-02-01 19:52:32

Nothing to do with the powerfull of a "Vray" lightmap render...sorry, cannot use the coppercube engine for architectural presentation...

Of Course YES.
You Bake all your textures with Vray or another 3D software, it's very easy.
A lot of architect use 3D real time software, because the client can better see the construction in all angles...
CC is perfect for that!

2013-02-02 02:18:39

Hi! Thanks for a great program!
And I would like to express their wishes for future releases ...
1. This camera control.
I have not seen a better camera control than in Secondlife:
While holding down the left mouse button alt grab a point on any object in the scene and move the mouse:
Left-to-right = rotate the camera around the captured points. Move the mouse away from you or me = to approach or move away from the object.
(Or as in 3ds max and Sandbox with the button pressed alt middle mouse to rotate the camera around the selected object in the scene.)
A similar control can be done in Behaviour.
2. Refine editor and animation playback.
Now almost impossible to find where one and the next animation
(Can not set the slider at the end of the entire animation, pressing the cursor does not work)
The ability to use animation in one object from another object in the scene and or from another file.
Smooth soft fade transition from one animation to the next! ...
3. Import file formats *. Fbx; *. Irr (now CopperCube has particles)
4. Possible to identify a number of objects in the scene and manipulate them.
5. Ability to move in the projection under two vectors.
6. Stereo audio playback 3D.
7. And I think of my wish to join many:
Implement all possible Types materials IrrEdit properties:
normalmap_2layer; parallaxmap_2layer ......
Thanks for reading

2013-02-02 05:59:02

Sorry remembered another one wish
In publish clean local paths of all project files - objects and textures that would not publish on the Internet such as C:\3dsmax\scenes\coppercubeprojects\mynewstilehouse\01\textures\my_new_b_texture.jpg or G:\3d\models\forcoppercubeexport\house1\mytesthouse1.x .
Enough my_new_b_texture.jpg and mytesthouse1.x

Registered User
2013-02-03 20:48:20

Another bug (surprised nobody saw):
EnableInclination (for car game for example) bugs !
Look at the CC example(car.ccb)
If the Pitch is correct, Bias is completely bugged.

Sorry, but for the moment it is not possible for a car game!

Registered User
2013-02-08 12:23:52


Another suggestion:

to play an animation when you press the left and right keys.
It already works, but only if the object is stopped.
Once it runs, you can not assign an animation to a left or right behavior.
For example: if you want to make a snowboarding game,
the character must look to the left or right when it turns.
It seems that for the moment it is not possible with CC.

Registered User
2014-05-12 01:47:52

It seems that Niko has implemented some of the recommendations in this list. I like his work. Editor, and the interfaces are familiar years ago when I used Irrlicht.
After about 5-6 years since I have not worked in 3d area, what I found is that this software package is still closer to graphics than to the game engine.
These days I could look at other products in this area, but also to think and what makes them a successful.
I will not point out the advantages of Coppercube, Only will focus on gaps, because they are important for the future development of the product.

Some of the important features necessary for game engine and missing here are:
- Physics
- Event manager
- Shaders
- Multiplayer
- Advanced scripting system With the current cannot do much
Access to basic functionality of Coppercube for example is negligible compared to that of Copperlight.

- Possibility to extend the functionality.
- File format is too closed. It does not allow users to create additional tools for CopperCube.
I guess that is because of marketing reasons; however I do not believe anyone to start selling in the market his game without buy legal product with that creates it.

A good example to stimulate users to create extensions for the product can be seen in Unity 3d. Even the basic free assets allow a huge expansion of functionality. If you're a developer, you can realize free and then sell your pro assets versions. If you are the creator of the games, then you can use ready-made free or paid assets.
No matter how good programmer or designers are you. You just will not get the time to create all by yourself.
Thus, it is not necessary reticence. On the contrary - openness to allow other developers to work for you and help you. The idea for this type of market is good in my opinion.

- Supporting of .irr format. This will take many Irrlicht users to multiplatform development These features that are still not implemented in CC could not loaded.
- There was a ton irr plugins for IrrEdit. /Klasker tree, grass, water and ect./ It is a disadvantage that all of these are missing here.
- Attaching node to the bone! Why still missing? Animation blending also.
- Internal implemented behaviours cannot be reached, therefore cannot be improved and extended by user requirements.

Registered User
2014-05-20 18:13:53

Multiple animations support.

You have the basics, one of each type of animation.

But say we have idle_1,idle_2 etc. I would like to have a little button in next to the type of animation, in order to have more of a realistic random variance of animations. The enemy will walk (patrol) and when he pauses he will either do idle_1 (pick his nose) or idle_2 (act bored)

also a custom animation adder. you can type the name of the animation then add the animation (reload gun/ taunt/ shake butt, etc)

also a few more shaders would be nice. also a enemy aggressive meter, how far will the enemy go to see the player dead.

if the enemies health is low will he retreat back to a item in the level, or to a previous spot. Or how far will he follow the player.

a HUGE one i really want is to ENABLE or DISABLE, certain things,

for example, my player and 6 Humvee truck in the map all have movement behaviors. You tap E/and have to stand next to the truck to get in it. but if the trucks and player have movement then they go all over the place.

So if player tapes E and is near it then the player is invisible and the moment that truck is enabled.

if your variable is 0 you can't open door (door is then disabled) if you pick up a key card you variable is 4 (door is then enable) (rough example)

also could you make it possible to import gifs/.avi.

also for water if the normal map side of the texture was animated (gif)
you could have a wavy water effect. or just add a wave editor that takes a plane/ any other polygon to and makes it flow like water.

just some ideas.

Registered User
2014-05-20 22:36:34

is there any way you would accept the .blend format as an animated format....

Registered User
2014-05-21 07:49:23

You can export from blender to b3d, works nicely for me.

Registered User
2014-05-22 05:38:17

You can export from blender to b3d, works nicely for me.

can u link me the link, please. the .X exporter i use doesn't like character models, and when i export as a ms3d the mesh gets all messed up.

Registered User
2014-05-22 05:51:27

[quote] wrote:
You can export from blender to b3d, works nicely for me.[/quo

I found one that works, thank you sir.

Registered User
2014-05-27 22:54:06

Here are my wishes:

1) making "object or person controlled by keyboard" behaviour --> controlled by MOUSE and keyboard where:

The player turns right or left with the camera (and the camera is still behind player) while the CAMERA ONLY tilts up and down

And of course shooting with left mouse button , zooming with the right ..etc.

2) making "crouch" in "game behaviours"

3) Making the game creator able to change "walk" ,"run"...etc. controls (keys). Also, enabling that for consumer will be cool ,too :-)

4) making "Jump" only on HITTING spacebar. Holding spacebar and making player jump continously and that fast won't be realistic

5) Simple pathfinding. If only you created that, CC will be THE BEST!!!

6) Some simulation templates like: trains, earthquakes, ...etc.

Registered User
2014-05-28 00:27:19

Another option to add in the File Menu if possible to access the extensions and the plugins folder directly from within the interface

for lazy guys like me

Registered User
2016-12-29 19:13:16

worlds no.1 game engine coppercube... i am big fan of ambiera's all product...
hii...please help me here... how to make register box for my software(for android app) include username,and license key user able to enter text in username field and license key also for activation of full version of my software AND MAIN PART IS FOR ANDROID to pleaz pleaz help me

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