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Mac audio stops when starting screen recorder
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Registered User
2012-12-06 11:05:07

Our game Awesomenauts uses Irrklang for audio, and on Mac we now encountered the problem that all audio stops if the screen recorder Screenflick is started or stopped while the game is running. This only happens in Awesomenauts.

This may sound like a very minor issue, but we have a big community around Awesomenauts that does a lot of recording of matches to put on Youtube and to support that, we would like to fix issues like this. So my question is: is there something we can do about this?

Here is what happens:

Basically, I discovered this problem due to my screen recorder (Screenflick), which switches audio output to Soundflower (2Ch) when recording system audio and outputs audio through the speakers as well. After I finish recording, Screenflick switches the audio output back to the default speakers, and all is well...except in Awesomenauts.

I have to start recording before I launch Awesomenauts, or I will get no game sound. Also, as soon as I stop recording, the Awesomenauts game audio vanishes, and I will have no audio for the remainder of my play session. I've only experience this problem with Awesomenauts, however - no other game.

2012-12-07 07:39:00

Hm, irrKlang doesn't do anything unusual, AFAIK. If you like you could try re-initializing irrklang again when the user clicks a certain button, just to try out if this helps, who knows.

Registered User
2012-12-10 17:28:50

Okay! Having the user click a button for this doesn't sound like a very smooth user experience, so I'll just leave it as it is then...

Registered User
2018-05-25 14:15:46

How about trying another one? Maybe it is the product bug. To record screen activity on Mac, I firstly tried QuickTime. But it let me down, which cannot record system audio only. Afterwards, I use Joyoshare Screen Recorder. It is a top mac screen recorder that can let me specify configuration freely.

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