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Rotating a BillboardSceneNode
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Registered User
2013-01-12 01:25:57

Is it possible to rotate a BillboardSceneNode? I want to rotate it on the Y-axis depending on where the mouse is. I am trying to get a 2d sprite to rotate 180deg if the mouse is on its left.

This is what I have:
engine.OnAnimate = function() {		
if (IsMouseMoveOnLeft) {player.Rot.Y = 180;}
if (IsMouseMoveOnRight) {player.Rot.Y = 0;}

2013-01-12 07:28:04

No, the billboard is specifically there to be always rotated to the camera, that's basically its only feature and probably difficult to make go away. :) You could maybe create a mesh scene node with a plane (= two triangles), and let that one rotate manually.

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