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CopperLicht 1.6 released
Author Text

2013-01-30 09:49:50


there is a new update of CopperLicht available, version 1.6:

- Added support for Particle Systems. Use the ParticleSceneNode to create smoke, fire, rain, fog, whatever you like.

- There is now a mobile 2d input scene node available which behaves like the overlay 2d scene node and can be used to emulate keyboard input for games on touchscreen devices like phones, tablets and similar.

- The Overlay2D Scene node now supports multi-line text. Also, the text drawing API has been extended for configurating text more precicely (fonts, colors, alignment, etc)

- CopperLicht now has an automatic loading screen when loading. You can disable it by setting the parameter loadingScreenText' of startCopperLichtFromFile to null.

- Billboard rendering speed has been increased by a factor of about 600%

- Vector3D now has functions to interpolate between vectors, and to rotate it along all three axes.

- Light scene nodes with visibilty set to 'false' now no longer cast light. So you can dynamically switch on and off lights now easily.

- Full compatibility with the CopperCube 4 editor

Registered User
2013-01-30 14:02:37

Great. How about a few more new tutorials now?

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