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binary-files in Copperlicht?
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Registered User
2013-02-25 23:14:04

i'm completly new to copperlicht and i have a question.
Is it possible in CopperLICHT to load a Mesh from a binary file?
In the CopperLicht feature-list their stand a lot of supported files
"Many supported 3D file formats: 3ds, obj, x, lwo, b3d, csm, dae, dmf, oct, irrmesh, ms3d, my3D, mesh, lmts, bsp, md2, stl, ase, ply, dxf, cob, scn and more", but i can't open such files in Copperlicht. In the tutorial the only used file-format was ".ccbjs" and thats look like base64! :-(

Hopefully someone can answered my question...


PS: Sorry for my bad english!

2013-02-27 09:26:48

No, sorry, that's not supported. Also because that many loaders would probably make up at least half a MB of JavaScript code. some users have posted some file loaders into that forum, if you still insist of loading your files directly.

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