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Using CopperLicht without CopperCube
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Registered User
2013-02-28 01:23:19

Hi there!
I'm new to WebGL and in particoular to CopperLicht. I've seen some of the tutorials on the official website of CopperLicht and I've seen that all the demos starts declaring a main scene from a ccbj file. Because I'm programmer and I know nothing about modelling so I don't need a RAD I was wondering if I can start the engine without a ccjb, but with a scene designed with another tool (cause I know a 3D graphic that uses 3ds and maya) or made all by code; for example engines like c3dl permits to create a scene by code and import all extensions.

If I am confusing you, I was talking about that line:

var engine = startCopperLichtFromFile('3darea', 'copperlichtdata/yourfile.ccbj')[

Do I must to use CopperCube to use CopperLicht? And if yes, how? Cause your tutorial explain things only with CC and online I've found nothing about standalone use of CL.

Thank you in advance :)

2013-02-28 08:47:20

See the third tutorial:
It shows how to use the engine without Coppercube.

Registered User
2013-03-03 19:56:30

Perfect! It worked flawlessly, thanks! :)
Last question: how do I load a 3ds model?

2013-03-06 08:04:28

CopperCube doesn't include loaders, it can only load .ccbjs files, those generated from the editor. Otherwise the .js file would probably be a few megabytes bigger.

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