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setPlayPosition doesn't work

2013-04-25 13:18:17

Running ->setPlayPosition on a sound I just started does not work and returns false. The sound is played from a ISoundSource, is not looped, is tracked, started paused (now unpaused), without sound effects enabled. It's an 2s OGG file loaded with ESM_AUTO_DETECT (loading with ESM_NO_STREAMING also does not work).

I've read on the API page that setPlayPosition takes an argument between 0 and the current play position. Does that mean that I can only seek backwards? IIRC, in C you can just set the PlayPosition value and seeking should work both backwards and forwards.

Registered User
2013-04-25 18:52:04

No, you should be able to seek to where ever you want to. Maybe you specified an invalid position?

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