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Creating a Movement Path

Registered User
2013-04-25 21:25:37

Hi - It's me again :D

So after solving my problems with animated characters, I'm working on a path system. I tried to write my own movement system, but this one works to slow, so I want to test it with the Copperlicht-functions.

Here's my problem. So I have a function with setInterval and this function gives me some variables each second.

I have:
- Next X, Next Y, Next Z - Values
- Movement time to these Values.
- Object ID

Because the Object could have multiple movements in 1 second, I can't use AnimatorFlyStraight und have to use AnimatorFollowPath. But I don't get how i can create and use paths.

So I have 11 Variables.
- X,Y,Z Now
- X,Y,Z, movement time (next 1)
- X,Y,Z, movement time (next 2)

How can I create a path out of these Javascript variables and how can I say an Object to follow these path. Something like this:

play = scene.getSceneNodeFromName('Player');


If this works, how can I convert my variables into "path"?

I know, this might be a very basic question, but I hope you can give me a little code example.

Thanks a lot,
Totenkopf :)

2013-04-26 06:52:34

You could just create a path scene node (CL3D.PathSceneNode) and manually set its positions. That scene node has a member named 'Nodes', which is an array of vector3ds. So you could simply change that:
path.Nodes = new Array();
path.Nodes.push(new CL3D.Vect3d(0,0,0));

Registered User
2013-04-26 15:00:18

Okay, thats how I create the path.
But How do I assign the movement time between two notes?

So if i have 4 nodes in 1 sec, i want this:

0->1: 0.2 sec
1->2: 0.1 sec
2->3: 0.6 sec
3->4: 0.1 sec

instead something like this:

0->1: 0.25 sec
1->2: 0.25 sec
2->3: 0.25 sec
3->4: 0.25 sec


2013-05-03 06:10:59

Hm, that's currently not possible, you would have to write this yourself.

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