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multiplayer game

Registered User
2013-05-03 17:32:08

i want make a multiplayer game with copperlicht to run on browsers (webgl) ,,what do u think should i need to do this ?i kow that coppercube doesnot have a multiplayer support but i want make it with coppercube... so i first suggest to make a mysql table or whatever kind of database and store the position and rotation and animation of each mish in a table and asynchronise this data by ajax to get and set the posx,y,z and the current animation of the mish .... but i am afraid about the time and the speed ? what is your opinion ? also if is there a third party solution for making multiplayer game on web and what is better in this case flash or webgl ,,,

2013-05-05 08:41:55

Another option would be to use web sockets. But it's up to you how to do this. See as example a game named "SolarTurnament", it is using CopperLicht and Mutliplayer. It is open source, so you can see how they are doing this.

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