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Title, description, meta tags
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Registered User
2013-06-04 18:10:07

I would like to ask you to paste the html code that I would need to insert in the Additional Code in Header for the description and the meta tags. I had inserted additional code in the header but when I previewed the page and pulled up the page source code of the page, it only showed the title despite my having inserted additional code in the header.

This should be something that you add in the future update. It would be nice to be able to have an area under Properties that allows us to insert the description and the meta tags. I find it strange that this isn't already included in the program and if it is, can you let me know how to access it? Thanks.

I also find it odd that the headings aren't included, as well - H1, H2, H3, etc. I know that it can be done in the html but not all of us have extensive html experience/knowledge.

2013-06-05 06:52:56

If you write down your meta tags and descriptions in the "Additional code in the header" section, then it should appear there. WebsitePainter users are using it like this, and it works. The reason why this isn't built into the property window is that this is actually a left over from old days: Those meta tags aren't actually not used any more by any search engine at all.

Registered User
2013-06-24 06:24:46

bout title and description, you should have it so it works easy. I IS STILL IMPORTANT. For one thing, when the search come up, there should be SOME kind of description to entice the viewer to click.

it is a flaw to not have this.

PS: Also, I looked and looked and can't fine "additional code in the header" section

Registered User
2013-06-24 06:32:41

Steve here again..... I have a trial version, it works OK, but if a website can't be found easily it is a waste of time.

Also, I want google analytics.... I use it on other sites I have made with other software.

I clicked on the HTML code button and get a box, but am unable to paste into it. It is basically useless if you can't paste into it. No one is going to type a long code in one letter at a time.

I am dissapointed, unless you have solutions to the title, description and pasting problems, I will not buy it.

Registered User
2013-06-24 08:51:56


the function is there and works perfectly - I use it on all my websites and they are easily found, indexed and ranked. To do it:
On each page you want to insert the relevant code:
Click on View
Click on HTML code of page
From the drop down select 'Additional Code in Page Header'
Paste your code (properly formatted) in to the box below - it will then appear in the box above for you to see.
In there you can add 'title', 'description' whichever head tags you wish.

Have faith = I have dozens of website built through this software, a lot of which regularly appear on page one on most popular search engines..


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