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3D environment: Problem playing multiple sound files

Registered User
2013-06-05 22:11:59

I recently started using IRKlang, and now I have the following problem:

Well, I want to create a game with 3D Sound effects and 2D sound music, so I made the following:
I created...
-A IRKlang engine.
-A 2d sound (the music).
-Aproximately 20 3D sound effects.

Well, the problem is in the 3D effects, the seven first are played perfectly, with their corresponding values, volume, distance, position...
But all the remaining sounds are played in a strange way.
I put all on the default values, and I could check that the last thirteen sounds are played with their volume louder than the other seven.
I tried:
1. Adjusting all values of all sounds, min distance, volume, position... with same values in all sounds.
2. Setting the same value for the master volume of the engine before playing every sound.
3. Creating an engine for each 7 sounds (I thought perhaps the problem is that an engine only supports seven sounds).

Even trying all of that, the problem is the same.
It's so strange, I was very surprised when It didn't worked using several engines.
To sum up, I did the following:

--20 3D sounds (music isn't relevant).
-Sound 1: Play on engine 1: correct.
-Sound 2: Play on engine 1: correct.
-Sound 7: Play on engine 1: correct.
-Sound 8: Play on engine 1: strange results.
-Sound 9: Play on engine 1: strange results.
-Sound 20: Play on engine 1: strange results.

Using several engines:

-Sound 1: Play on engine 1: correct.
-Sound 2: Play on engine 1: correct.
-Sound 7: Play on engine 1: correct.
-Sound 8: Play on engine 2: strange results.
-Sound 9: Play on engine 2: strange results.
-Sound 20: Play on engine 3: strange results.

In conclusion... the results are identical.

What can be happening here?

P.S. If there's any mistake in the spelling of the post, sorry for my bad english.

2013-06-09 07:54:37

The sounds which are sounding weired, are they maybe of a different format or similar? Maybe they are stereo or similar. For playing them in 3D, only one channel can be used of course (since stereo in 3d doesn't make any sense). Maybe the channel which is picked then is weired.

Registered User
2013-06-09 12:42:14

The sounds are all mono, and the format is ogg in all of them.

EDIT: The format suggestion gave me an idea, and now the problem is solved.
I only converted the sounds from .ogg to.wav, without changing any parameters, and now it works perfectly.

Could it be a problem of the engine with the .ogg files?

Edited again: The volume problem of the first post is solved, but the position problem still persists.

Playing 9 mono wav sounds at position 0,0,0, they sound with the same volume, position an all the correct values.
But if I change the sound position to -200,200,-200 in all 9, once more, the first seven are played correctly, but the two remaining are played on a different position, it seems to be between 0,0,0 and -200,200,-200, but all 9 have the position -200,200,-200.

2013-06-10 12:50:08

Ah, interesting. I think what might be the problem here - since you are also discovering this problem in other libraries - that your Hardware audio driver is causing this. Try switching irrKlang to software mode - when starting up, switch it to WinMM (this one is software only), and see if the problem has disappeared.

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