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open web fonts / line space?!
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Registered User
2013-06-20 13:15:19

hi there,

iam working on my new website and found a cool typo on google web fonts. bur how can i use the open web font on websitepainter? normally, u put a code in the first line of the "body".
in websitepainter u can see the html code, but u cant put special code where u want.
publish the website on the pc, open the files and put the code in it is no solution.

my other problem is the line space. how can i change the space?!



2013-06-21 13:13:34

you can change the HTML easily in WebsitePainter, just select View -> HTML Code of the page -> additional attributes in the body. Or if you meant the header then select the header. You can type in there whatever you want, so this should be possible as well. Same for line space: You can enter any CSS rule in there you want.

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