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How to add a search button for your website with websitepainter?
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Registered User
2013-07-02 20:38:22


I just started to work with WebsitePainter and I like that you can customize everything but that sometimes gets to complicated.
Anyway I wanna know how you can add a search button in your menu bar so visitors can search content in the site?
and please tell me that WebsitePainter can do some autocode html so that your website can rank up and come first in google search?
cause you know , other web creating programs do.


2013-07-02 20:41:02

Your website won't get up in google search by such things. You get up there if your website has some nice content, and is linked from other, relevant pages.
About search: It is probably the "Custom Search Engine" you are looking for. Google describes how you can add it to your page hear:

Registered User
2013-07-02 20:54:10

Well in other softwares they say that the program does some additional coding the site could rank up.
So I guess that's a lie right?
and custom searchrngine? I do not mean that at all what I meant was a custom search element that is built in your website so when visitors type things in it the search brings up content that was in your website for example when a visitor types ''download xyz software'' the result brings up content about downloading xyz program version x.y.z and stuff and also not by searching content with google search engine.

Registered User
2013-07-03 08:46:17

Hello Pendragon,

Googles Custom Search Engine will search your website - I would suggest you take a look at the link, as it works throughout tens of thousands of websites all over the world. Please have a look at the link before responding - especially with that implied tone.
On the subject of Google - they also have a free translation tool that will translate your website into 16 different languages by simply adding some html code - via a widget. To find it simply google 'Google Translate'.
On the subject of rankings - the language (country) has very little impact on your ranking - the structure, content and formatting or your site will absolutely aid the ranking - especially the textual content.

On a separate note - forums are where people kind request help, and users, moderators and admins offer help & support. There are general protocols and manners which help people get results. I have been using this software since the beginning and also asking questions and helping others - you will find that if you are polite and respectful of others you will get the results you are looking for.


Registered User
2013-07-03 14:23:28

I'm really sorry if i made anyone upset as i did not mean to at all.
and i really didn't think that anyone would take my tone offensive , all i wanted to say was just explaining what i needed. it's a total
and thanks for the reply
one thing: can i just make the site multi language by creating a double for all pages and create hyper links for them?
again sorry about the tone and all.


2013-07-04 07:01:57

one thing: can i just make the site multi language by creating a double for all pages and create hyper links for them?

Yes, that's how most people are doing it :)

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