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website looks , look different on preview
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Registered User
2013-07-03 17:25:24


I have this annoying problem , i use impact font and position the header , texts and images on various places but when i press preview to take a look all of the fonts of the texts have changed and the position of the images and header have moved.
images move slightly but the header moves like , to the other side of the screen.
please tell me how to fix this it's killing me.


p.s: and sorry about all of the dummy questions

2013-07-04 07:00:33

Hm, difficult to tell from the description what the problem is exactly, but as I understand, the website simply looks different on some browsers, and also differs from the preview in WebsitePainter? This is normal, all browsers do the position and size calculations a bit differently, especially when it comes to fonts. To compensate this, just leave a bit of more space then needed for all text elements.

These things are the more frustrating things about website development. You have to live with this, unfortunately, websites are not pixel perfect.

Registered User
2013-07-04 13:27:29

thanks for the reply.
also can you tell me what center content does?
i'm a bit confused berween it and the center parent option for elements.


2013-07-05 09:34:04

The 'center content' flag just centers the whole content of your website horizontally in the browser. You won't see this in WebsitePainter, but when you click 'Preview', then you should.

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