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Load IrrKlang.dll dynamically

Registered User
2013-07-20 08:44:25

I use C++ Builder XE3 and the IrrKlang.lib does not work with it.
the conversion tool coff2omf has fail.
finally i try to load dynamically the dll :
declaration of the fonction :
typedef ISoundEngine* IRRKLANGCALLCONV (*tcreateIrrKlangDevice)(E_SOUND_OUTPUT_DRIVER, int, const char*, const char*);     //enum irrklang::E_SOUND_OUTPUT_DRIVER

dll loading :
fcreateIrrKlangDevice = (tcreateIrrKlangDevice)GetProcAddress(DllHandle, "?createIrrKlangDevice@irrklang@@YAPAVISoundEngine@1@W4E_SOUND_OUTPUT_DRIVER@1@HPBD1@Z");  //irrklang::createIrrKlangDevice

getting the interface engine and use it:
ISoundEngine* engine = NULL;
AnsiString Drv=engine->getDriverName();
engine->play2D("getout.ogg", true);

everything looks OK but it doesn't work.I think that the fcreateIrrKlangDevice function returns a false pointer.

do you see a solution to my problem. Thanks in advance.

Registered User
2013-07-22 16:32:08

I think XE3 simply isn't compatible with the C++ ABI of Visual Studio. That's why this simply won't work.

Registered User
2013-07-22 21:42:01

ok, what's the solution ? use another API ?

I don't want change my Dev Environment for an API.

for a project i evaluate some audio API. I must say that at the moment, bass24 is the more usable. on paper irrklang is good but if I can't use it...

2013-07-24 07:03:29

Yes, since C++ builder isn't binary compatible, there are not many options for you then.

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