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My .ccbjs files are not working anymore

Registered User
2013-08-19 20:24:47

So I keep getting "not well-formed" and/or syntax errors when I publish to webgl or Flash. Here's an example:

not well-formed


duSTEL1.ccbjs (line 1, col 105)

I'm a licensed CopperCube 1.x user, so I wondered if my issue was using such an old version. So I just downloaded the newest CopperCube demo, and I have the exact same issue. I've even recreated my scene from scratch, and still have this issue.

The strange thing, is that I am using only 1 custom 3d mesh, and it worked fine for about a month. The only other things in my scene is a simple camera, a sphere, and a billboard.

What could possibly be going on? I've got my life savings literally tied up into this project, so any help is much appreciated. When I have some extra cash I will be buying a license to the latest CopperCube btw. If I can get this issue ironed out. Thanks again Niko. Been a fan of your work since day 1.

Registered User
2013-08-19 20:35:53

So I just went through and deleted 1 thing from my scene, then republished, then I repeated. No matter what I tried, I still got the exact same error above. Even with a totally blank scene with no skybox and no camera.

Registered User
2013-08-19 21:40:45

So, if I make a new scene, and immediately publish it, I still get the error, however, I can at least see the scene. The problem with my other scenes is that the camera only shows grey. Publishing to Windows EXE however works fine on all scenes.

2013-08-19 22:17:25

The "not well formed" message is an error which can be ignored. Some browsers assume XML files, but a .ccbjs isn't an XML file. But everything is fine that way and this can be ignored.

About the gray thing: Difficult to say what the problem might be there. Are you doing anything else, like adjusting the FOV or the aspect ratio, maybe the projection matrix? Maybe you can send me the .ccb file, and I'll have a look at it. Also, did you try the WebGL demos on this website? Do they still work? Maybe it's just some setting in your browser which is wrong now.

Registered User
2013-08-19 23:48:56

Niko, thanks for the quick response. As always, your support is top notch. My computer had been on for over a week, but we just had a power surge. Low and behold, I just tried my project again, and there is now no issue. Very strange indeed, but I am happy that it is resolved. Before the reboot, all other webGL demo's worked correctly.

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