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CopperCube 4.2 released

2013-08-21 08:03:17

CopperCube 4.2 has just been released. It is a free update for all existing users. The most important new features are support for normal (and bump) maps and import of .blend files. But there are tons of other additions as well (see below)

Get CopperCube here:


Detailed change log:

- Added support for normal maps.
Static meshes now can use normal maps as material. Also, there is now a new command for recalculating the binormals and tangents of a mesh. This gets done automatically, but you can change the calculation method using this command. Normal maps are supported on the following targets:
- Direct3D 9 (windows)
- OpenGL (windows and mac)
- WebGL
- Flash
- Android
Up to four light sources at the same time are supported, plus ambient light.

- Current limitations:
- Animated meshes don't support normal maps yet
- The light model might be changed slightly in future updates of CopperCube
- The flash target only supports 3 lights at the same time

- Added support for importing static blender files (*.blend)

- Added support for importing precalculated lightmaps.
You can now generate lightmaps for your models with any 3D modelling package and export it,
even without baking the textures. In this way, you are no longer limited by the built-in lightmapper of CopperCube.
In our experiments, this now works very well for example with 3DS Max and the COLLADA exporter.

- There is now an option in the publishing settings to use the current desktop resolution for full screen apps.
Works for Windows desktop apps and Mac OS X apps.

- There is now the option to open the folder of the selected texture with a right-click in the texture manager.

- Improved performance by up to 600% when importing .3ds, .lwo, .dae, .ase, .ply, .dxf, .cob or .scn files.

- Improved COLLADA import: Some exporters don't correctly link the textures, so CopperCube wasn't able
to load textures from DAE files created with specific 3D modelling packages. CopperCube now also
is able to load these.

- There are now new extension actions and plugins available from the website. For example the
DoLater action, which runs an action a specific amount of time later.

- Updated documentation with a new tutorial, normal mapping overview and various smaller changes here and there

- Scripted actions didn't work on some Internet Explorer installations if the html code wasn't adjusted for this manually.
CopperCube now generates html code embedding the flash file so it works on all browsers nicely.

- Fixed a bug causing the 'Advanced Material Settings' to be changed even when pressed 'cancel'
on the dialog sometimes.

- Changes in the CopperCube scripting API (beta):

- There is now a new function named 'ccbCleanMemory' available, for removing unused game assets and thus increasing performance. In this way, you have more direct control over the memory usage of your app.
- Breaking change: ccbRegisterOnFrameEvent() now behaves differently: It now accepts a function object (instead of a string previously) and can be used for more than just one function. You also need to call ccbUnregisterOnFrameEvent() to unregister your function later again. This is useful for the actions and behaviors, so that now multiple actions can use this feature at the same time.
- ccbSetSceneNodeMaterialProperty() and ccbGetSceneNodeMaterialProperty() now are able to correctly change the material type on all targets. See the documentation for details.
- Fixed a bug causing the function ccbAddMeshBufferIndex() not to work correctly.
- Fixed a bug causing ccbGet2DPosFrom3DPos() not to work in WebGL
- The extension action 'fade screen' has been updated with the changes introduced above

Registered User
2013-08-21 09:05:12

Well done on an amazing release Niko!

I can not wait to see what people create with this new version.

Registered User
2013-08-21 11:06:17

- Animated meshes don't support normal maps yetquoted text

This is a pity
especially for characters it will be usefull.

Anyway nice update ! keep your work!

Registered User
2013-08-21 13:46:48

Thanks niko.
Good work continues so.

2013-08-21 14:05:40

The reality is that I can see ... Many thanks to Niko!
I hope that animated models in the future will normalmap. After all, in the movement of the beauty of life

Registered User
2013-08-21 16:50:55

Killer updates. Have lots of CC projects at the 75% completion that have been waiting for some of these updates :)

Registered User
2013-08-22 17:27:27

I'm excited about Blender import, but having mixed results.

A) Many times no mesh appears or the UVs are not correct. This is with only one mesh in the Blender file with one texture applied.

B) Also, this strange thing is happening when having both CC and Blender open (Windows):

--1. Open Blender file in Blender.

--2. Open CopperCube. Attempt CopperCube import of Blender file in step 1.

--3. Whether or not it works, go back to Blender, try to save file.

--4. Blender will not save the file and throws this error: "Cannot change old file (file saved with @)" and checking in the Blender file's directory at the command line shows a Blender file with an "@" appended to it.

--5. Exit CopperCube. File saves in Blender. The file with the "@" disappears.

2013-08-22 23:53:31

The annoying thing is that the editor has no grid snapping tool.

2013-08-23 01:31:09

"- There are now new extension actions and plugins available from the website. For example the
DoLater action, which runs an action a specific amount of time later."

to quote a semi-famous street fighter character:


This update is so packed! thanks again, not regreting my purchase at the start of the 4.0 cycle ONE BIT. the interactions between you are the user-base is superb.

2013-08-23 01:31:51

* you and the user-base

2013-08-23 07:59:11

I hope that animated models in the future will normalmap

Yes, of course! This is just a first version, and of course there will be further improvements :)

Thanks for the blender import feedback. I'll see if this can be improved.

The annoying thing is that the editor has no grid snapping tool.

@guy: If you really need one, I can create you a plugin to add this feature. Would probably be only a few lines of JavaScript

Registered User
2013-08-23 08:17:45

Thanks Niko for this excellent update.

The use full screen resolution fixed a lot of issues on my side here

Registered User
2013-08-23 22:07:15

Yes thanks very good
Think to rewrite the collision engine (no special object collision or bounding box is a very big gap) and it will be almost perfect!

2013-08-23 22:46:30

Really impressed by do something later, using it as we speak to solve BOTH my issues with timing things. I really need to learn javascript, I didn't realize it was this powerful!

Registered User
2013-08-24 05:41:11

THANKS NIKO.... this upgrade looks powerfull.

For Normal maps on Animated meshs I will looking for next updates (thanks again!, I know you are making a big job)

@guy: If you really need one, I can create you a plugin to add this feature. Would probably be only a few lines of JavaScript

This will be usefull for me too (snap to grid).

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