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Irrklang and play portion of wav file

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2013-08-31 21:26:51

Hi - I am planning to use Irrklang for a school project and one of the things I need to do is that I need to play a section of a wav file. E.g if the wav file is 30 seconds long I want to be able to play e.g from 00:12 to 00:18 i.e 6 seconds extract. Is this possible using irrklang?

Also I plan to use C SHARP but I only find the documentation in C++ . Does a similar documentation exist for C SHARP?


2013-09-06 08:01:35

You can place the position where irrklang should start playing from, but it is not possible to tell it that it should stop at a certain position. What you can do is to check if irrKlang has already reached that position and then stop it manually.
C-Sharp documentation can be found here:

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