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Problem loading ikpMP3.dylib / IrrKlang marmalade-extension

Registered User
2013-09-23 10:23:26


I am having some issues with making IrrKlang load the ikpMP3.dylib in a Marmalade-extension I am building. I am going to try explain this..

Short story, Marmalade uses a special system where you need to place files in a special way to make your program work. Basically since its a multi platform sdk, it relies on special "extensions" that can be built for every supported platform. I am building an IrrKlang extension for audio playback on Windows and OSX.

root/libirrklang.dylib (this dylib can't be placed in /extensions, cause that would make Marmalade try load it at startup)

All files placed in the extensions folder are loaded upon app startup automatically. I have placed my IrrKlang extension here, and as it relies on libirrklang.dylib I've hade to manually fix myIrrKlangExtension.dylib path with install_name_tool to change the regular path for it to @loader_path/../libirrklang.dylib. Fine that works.

Problem is, wherever I place ikpMP3.dylib, libirrklang.dylib doesn't seem to find it.

Any advice? I hope this was possible to understand.


2013-09-24 06:01:26

irrKlang has a function named loadPlugins(), which takes a parameter being the path where the plugins are. Try calling it with the absolute path (like /Users/niko/game/root/extensions/) and maybe it works then.

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