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adattare foto alla grglia
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Registered User
2013-10-22 10:38:24

ciao volevo chiederti se e' possibile nella griglia fotografica avere le foto tutte della stessa dimensione automaticamente perchè vedo che ogni foto ha la sua grandezza non vorrei modificarle una ad auna grazie

2013-10-23 05:57:57


this is an english forum, so it would be nice if you could post your image in english :) Google translate said your question was this:

hello I wanted to ask if it 'possible to get the pictures in the photo grid, all the same size automatically because I see that every picture has its greatness would not want to change a auna thanks

The aspect ratio of the images is usually kept, but did you try to set the value of "MaxImageHeight" of the gallery to something useful, like 40? This make the gallery look more uniform. Otherwise, you would have to resize the images.

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