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Sound never finishes

2013-10-29 20:28:17

I am trying out irrKlang for the first time. I love the simplicity of it but I'm having a major problem.

My project is a .NET 2010 VS app and running on Windows 8.1

I can play a sound, which I hear, however the information for it never updates including isFinished or isCurrentlyPlaying so I can never detect if a sound is done. I can tried an event callback also which never fires.
The play position when the sound has played is not indicated as the end of the buffer. The only time the event callback hits is if I quit the app and call engine->close(). I am calling update() in my loop. Furthermore if I try to play the sound looped, it plays a couple of times then stops.

I have tried single and multi threaded and all the different device drivers. They all exhibit the exact same behavior. I have also tried different wav files.

I would really love to use this product, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


2013-10-29 20:36:02

I should also add that I'm using CLR/CLI not C

2013-10-29 20:55:22

Never fails.. I post something and then find out a way that it works.

Apparently if I call to play a sound before the main .NET window shows up, then the sound fails as described, however I play a sound after the main window has been created and the game loop runs, then everything works as it should.

Maybe this is a bug?


2013-10-30 12:30:18

Ah, that's interesting. Maybe you could try using WinMM instead of DirectSound (which is the default), and see if this behavior changes. Because DirectSound somehow watches the main window of your app, in order to be able to silcene you app once it loses the focus, and probably that way, it skrews something up.

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