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Combination of WebGL and Google Earth

Registered User
2013-11-19 19:46:14

I have made a walk-through of a building using Copper-cube (WebGL editor) , what i want is to add this model to Google Earth.
I know that by using Google Sketchup we can directly place our model on Google Earth, as Google earth supports model of only one format (.skp) which is possible by Sketchups.
But I also wanted to have a WebGL code for my walk-through so I have used CopperCube. What i want to know...

1. Now, is there any way to load Coppercube (.ccb) project into Google Sketchup, so that it can be easily placed on google earth? or
2. Is there a way to publish a Webgl (which is .js and .html format) walk-through on Google Earth as a model.? or
3. Is there a way to publish a Coppercube project on Google Earth, as there is for sketchup ?

I am eagerly waiting for the answer as its urgent and important.

Please reply.

2013-11-19 21:39:21

I don't think there is a way to load a whole .ccb project into Google Sketchup. You could export some meshes for example as .obj from CopperCube, but that is all.
I don't know anything about questions 2 and 3, sorry.

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